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Bedroom Flooring

Mix and Match: Different Flooring for Different Rooms

Each type of room caters to different needs and functions. This is why interior design is more than just about achieving the best look for a certain room – interior design is also about consolidating a room’s aesthetics with functionality. With this is mind, it is easier to understand why furniture and appliances play such a huge role in interior design. What we fail to notice, though, is that floors hold just as much importance as the furniture in any room.

While floors may look like they serve just one function all throughout the house, which is to be walked on, we have to remember that each type of flooring has different characteristics that would match well with the needs of certain rooms. Keeping in mind the different traits of the different types of flooring will help you identify which flooring will be perfect for the function of any specific room.

Living Room

The living room is where everyone goes to relax after a long day. It is also where families are likely to gather for entertainment and fun. It is essential that a living room be designed with the greatest consideration for a relaxing, welcoming, and comforting vibe. Wooden-based floors (solid wood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring) may introduce a welcoming vibe into a room, but these flooring types are far from being the most comfortable flooring. If comfort were to be made a top priority, good options to look into would be carpet-based flooring (such as carpet tiles), vinyl flooring, and rubber flooring. Vinyl and rubber floors are also great flooring types to consider for homes with young children, as these provide additional non slip features and are very easy to clean (as opposed to carpet).

Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are places of high traffic, especially when people come over to one’s home. These are also places that are very susceptible to spills and, consequently, slips and falls. Flooring for these areas need to be non slip as well as easy to clean. Rubber and vinyl flooring can cater to these needs. Laminate flooring is also a viable option, although great care has to be taken when choosing this type of flooring (as some laminate floors tend to be on the slippery side, in addition to their high susceptibility to liquid and moisture damage).


The bedroom is a room of silence, comfort, and relaxation. Flooring that is intrinsically cushioned, soft, and sound absorptive serve well to be installed in bedrooms. Carpet tiles and rubber flooring fit this bill quite sufficiently. Bathroom The bathroom is a particularly tricky room to find flooring for. Privacy, safety, and water resistance are main considerations when choosing floors for a bathroom. Rubber floors and luxury vinyl tiles can match these functions quite well, only if great care is taken during their installation.


Choosing the right type of flooring for different types of rooms is highly dependent on not just the visual benefits of a type of flooring, but on how well a type of flooring matches the supposed function of a given room as well. Taking note of all the functions a given room is to provide is a crucial step in choosing the right types of flooring for your entire home.

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